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Environmental Considerations:

Since the beginning of the 2000s, the effects of global warming have been manifesting in more brutal ways bringing with it devastation to lives and property. Fossil fuels like coal, oil, and natural gas as well as plant materials called biomass have been used to generate electricity that is available everywhere. According to the Department of Energy, these fuels provide 82% of total greenhouse gas emissions. The combustion of these materials result in increased presence of pollutants like sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. These chemicals contribute heavily to the ongoing thinning of the ozone layer, amplified damage because of acid rain, and cardiac and respiratory ailments. The USA was the global leader in emitting carbon dioxide about ten (10) years ago. It has now slipped behind China, but the scary thing is that the US only holds about 5% of the global population, thus we emit almost 5 times more than any other culture or population.

U.S. Environment Protection Agency Proposed Carbon Tax:

Around two years ago, the EPA proposed to tax $20 for every ton of fossil fuel burnt to generate energy. This would be raised at a rate of 6% every year and is projected to help protect the environment as it raises significant profits that will be used to offset the foreseen regressive impact where the cost will be handed down by businesses to consumers thereby affecting lower income households.

The technology we develop aims to save your company from the heightened cost of traditional power generating sources. Carbon reduction products have to from a company certified by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design in order to be qualified for distribution. That is us.

Cam-Air’s Role

Cam-Air bases its product proposals on data from the 2009 energy savings calculator developed by the EPA and DOE. By doing so, we are able to identify the approximate amount of CO2 and air pollution reduced in reference to the acres of trees planted and cares removed from U.S. roads. We prioritize to make energy efficiency in order to raise awareness of the often-overlooked but otherwise incalculable benefits of energy efficient projects: enhanced quality of life, improved national security, improved economy, cost effectiveness, and of course, environment friendly.

Environmental Stewardship Award

Cam-Air presents the ESA at the end of every project to companies who choose to protect the environment and reduce greenhouse gases by using our patented lighting and products and systems. More than thanking you for choosing our products, this is Cam-Air’s way of recognizing the time and resources you devote to improve your company in specific and making life better for the community in general. We do not just hand over the award, we work with our communications department in letting the world know by developing and disseminating a press release to your local media outlets which in a way acts a message that there is still a way to be productive as a company while protecting our planet.

Check out an example of a recent press release:

Meador Green at 60-AL.Com ESA-062014_Page_1Meador Green at 60-AL.Com ESA-062014_Page_2