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The final step in achieving “Grid Parity” is incorporating renewable energy platforms within your facilities operations. As you arrive at this stage in your energy efficiency journey, you have most likely dwindled down your energy usage –from within–substantially. You are now able to “create” energy for corporate usage as well as storing energy and selling this back to the utility.

Cam-Air partners with the best renewable manufacturers and engineers so we can provide turn-key installation projects for any sized customer and facility. We take the guess work out of these complex projects and streamline our customers to the “promised land” of energy independence. Using the earth’s resources, this is the pinnacle of sustainability and propels our customer’s as environmental stewards within the community. Our renewable technologies include:


As the Solar Industry continues to grow at neck-breaking speeds (set to grow 119% in 2016), the need for these Solar Projects will grow within our business communities.  Every year, this technology will become more and more efficient, as well as more cost effective. Once you are ready to start discussing a solar project, contact Cam-Air. Our goal is to bring you to grid parity and we want to be your energy partner for the long haul.