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Reihl Coil

“The Reihl Coil’s® greatest payback is creating an efficiency, saving you dollars per month –not just pennies like most other optimization and lighting measures. Combined with benefits of reduced energy consumption and cost, greatly reduced maintenance cost and significant cooler efficiency improvement, retrofitting with these coils has a significant impact on the bottom line.”

S. Macfarlane Lowell, MI

How it works:

The only way you can increase the efficiency of the vapor compression cycle, with a constant heat load, is to remove the heat per volume of refrigerant. This will allow the compressor to run less.
The Reihl Coil® removes this heat and condenses the refrigerant back to a liquid after it leaves the expansion valve and before it enters the evaporator coil, allowing the same volume of refrigerant to
hold up to 300% more heat.

The Reihl Coil® accomplishes this by circulating the refrigerant mixture through a chamber filled with phase change material (PCM) that is in direct contact with both the refrigerant line coming from the thermal expansion valve and the finned evaporator coil.
Having the PCM in direct contact with the finned coil allows the Reihl Coil® to maintain cabinet temperature for longer periods of time between compressor cycles.


We offer a 38% guaranteed savings!

Evaporator systems using The Reihl Coil® will reduce the energy consumption of a walk-in cooler & freezer by approximately 59%.

The chart below shows annual savings.

Your typical return on investment is between 8 months-3 years depending on your
climate zone. The warmer the area the bigger the savings.

We have also found that this system will have less service calls; essentially it runs more efficiently and effectively.

The built-in Dixell control allows for custom setting for your usage. We can set defrost times, and temperature and so much more.

Our certified licensed installers will discuss your businesses needs and program the control so you can run your business worry free.


One of the main expenses of most businesses is refrigeration. Convenience and grocery stores, restaurants, blood banks, hospitals, schools, and universities all have major cooling needs. With the current energy crisis, and energy conservation on everyone’s mind; Real Energy has a solution.

The Reihl Coil® carries an 18 point patent, and it’s the ONLY energy efficient evaporator coil on the market, and saves over 50% of kWh used vs. regular systems. We have seen on average 50-75% savings, in some cases more.

This revolutionary design will change the way all businesses cool their products. It will not only save money every year for the business owner but it will reduce the overall energy used.

The Reihl Coil® is ETL/UL and CSA Approved, and is safe for use in the food industry. It is required that the units are installed and serviced by certified and licensed HVAC/R companies. We have a list of installers in your area, or we can certify your company or employee who would be working or installing these units.