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Cam-Air’s LED Highbay Technology is second to none. Partnered with the most innovative & efficient LED manufacturer’s in the industry is what sets apart from all the rest. We will deliver more light with less energy that not only saves you on upfront project costs, instant energy savings & eliminating maintenance, but our interior LED technology will last also last longer–saving you even more money over the next 15-20 years. When comparing LED fixtures, the first year energy savings is a good start, but the long term cost analysis is where the rubber really meets the road. We have no doubt we will bring a superior package to the table that will not just meet your expectations, but blow right past them.


Cam-Air’s LED Highbay Technology has mastered the three (3) pillars of LED lighting:

  • Efficacy
    • Our LED technology ranges from 130 to 190 lumens per watt. Compare this with the competition and we provide 30-60% more light with less energy.


  • Thermal Dissipation 
    • ALL aluminum construction. And when we say “ALL”, that means everything: fixture, drivers, LED chip board and anything that is even remotely close to the LED’s.
    • Patented front and side ventilation channels that optimize the way heat is conducted and radiated away from the fixture.
    • Less heat equals better efficacy and longer lasting fixtures. 

uph bar

  • Optics
    • Light needs to go where it is used. Lumens don’t mean a thing if there is nothing assisting the light to the work place environment, creating footcandles.  Reflector technology is nothing new to the lighting world. Look at your T5 and T8 fluorescent highbays and notice the reflectors that help drive light from the fixture to the floor. This is the same principle our partners used when designing and engineering their patented reflector technology. 98% of LED highbays do not have optics, which allows us to use our optics based LED fixture and provide you with as much or more light, using 40-50% less wattage

When you put the entire package together, you will find an LED Highbay like no other. Don’t believe the hype? Put us to the test and compare our fixture versus anyone else’s. The numbers don’t lie and you will soon realize that if you choose Cam-Air’s LED technology, you will save tens of thousands more dollars over the next 15-20 years instead of using the off the shelf light fixture that is selling at your local electrical supply house.