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Incentives & Rebates

As you already know, Cam-Air will work tirelessly in obtaining the most amount of money for our customers. This not only means that we will choose the best, most efficient technologies that create the maximum amount of energy savings…but, we also work with your local utility to procure incentives & rebates that help pay for these projects. Cam-Air is trade allies with almost every utility incentive program and if we are not, we will create this partnership as soon as possible. Cam-Air also partners with energy tax engineers in order to qualify & properly certify your facility for the EPAct Federal Tax Deduction.

The majority of the utilities within the USA offer some sort of rebate or incentive program when upgrading your facilities and properties. This can be either a set dollar amount per fixture installed or may be based on the amount of energy you save annually with an upgrade. As stated above, Cam-Air is trade allies with the almost all of the incentive programs where you may be a customer:

EPAct 179D: Save Energy, Save Taxes

Cam-Air’s energy tax engineers advise, analyze, and prepare the documentation that allows both commercial building owners, and designers on government buildings to take the EPAct 179D tax incentive. Our deliverable report contains all of the required elements for obtaining tax incentives on energy efficient measures in buildings.

The Energy Policy Act of 2005

Immediate deductions for energy efficient capital improvements:

  • Commercial Buildings (includes rental properties ≥4 stories and tenant owned lease-hold improvements)
  • Focuses on lighting, HVAC and building envelope for installations completed from 1/1/2006 – 12/31/2016
  • Capped at the lesser of investment cost or:
    • $1.80/sq. ft. Whole Building
    • $0.60/sq. ft. Each Individual System (lighting, HVAC, and building envelope)

Lighting Projects

Qualification for tax savings is based on an improvement in watts per sq.ft. as compared to an ASHRAE 90.1 2001 standard (For 2016 projects, the comparison is to ASHRAE 2007)

What We Do

Help commercial building owners obtain EPAct tax deductions for building energy reductions

Offer a comprehensive tax package to comply with the filing requirements of the law


HVAC Projects

The Following types of HVAC generally qualify a building for HVAC benefits:

  • Ground Source Heat Pumps
  • Water Source Heat Pumps
  • Energy Recovery Ventilation
  • VRF units in Dorms/Hotels
  • Centralized HVAC in Dorms/Hotels
  • VAVs in buildings
  • Magnetic Bearing Chillers
  • Thermal Storage
  • VFDs on all major Motors and Compressors
  • Chillers in buildings < 150k sqft
  • Direct fired heaters in non-AC Industrial Spaces
  • Industrial > 75k sqft with Constant Volume units
  • Demand Controlled Ventilation
  • Combined heat and power