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You Need To See Cam-Air’s New Shared Saved Savings Finance Program!

Delivering Immediate, Guaranteed Energy Savings To You With Absolutely No Investment On Your End.


Cam-Air has recently partnered with a third party financing firm that provides a “shared savings” program for LED retrofits & upgrades.


We will front ALL of the costs for a brand new, turn-key LED upgrade within your facilities. In return, we ask that you split the savings on your energy bill.

The Bulk Room of Western Warehouse

Project Requirements:

  • The overall project needs to be over $35,000.00

  • The project needs to have a Four (4) Year Return on Investment (ROI) or lower.


The Process is Extremely Simple:

  1. Contact Us!


     251.382.1895 or


  2. Receive a Free Lighting Audit.

    We visit your facility and evaluate, measure and identify ALL lighting throughout.  This is quickly followed up with a customized system design that delivers far better lighting with instant, guaranteed energy & maintenance savings.  As the project proposal is generated, our financial partner will generate the shared savings program agreement, outlining the savings split, length of term and all necessary information required to go forward with the project.

  3. Complete Turn-Key Installation.

    Cam-Air handles everything from start to finish, so you don’t have to worry about down time or deal with the headaches when taking on such a project. Our team of professional installers will work around your requirements and finish the upgrade faster than you can spell L-E-D.

    Battleship Walkway-Installation-3

  4. Sit Back and Count Your Savings.

    As soon as the installation is complete, the savings from the lighting upgrade start. For the duration of our contract, you will be billed upon a portion of the savings that the new LED lighting system has created. You will continue to see a bill from your utility, but it will be dramatically reduced. Payments allocated for our project are taken from the energy bill displacement.

  5. Free Replacement.

    For the entire length of our agreement, Cam-Air will provide FREE REPLACEMENT of all LED technology should they fail. This includes drivers, lamps, or any other miscellaneous equipment. The meters we install will tell us immediately when a failure occurs, allowing us to stay one step ahead.

  6. This is a No Brainer. Period. 



Contact Us Today to Obtain a Brand New LED Turn Key Upgrade at Absolutely No Cost To You!