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Improving energy efficiency is one of the most constructive and cost-effective ways to address the challenges of high energy prices, energy security and independence, air pollution, and global climate change.

We accomplish this through our custom engineered services …


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Keep the financial burden off your capital budget and gain immediate, free cash flow using our innovative operating lease-type of financing for your project. Our innovative program allows companies to fund projects using existing utility budgets, so they can realize monthly cost reductions in operations and gain free cash flow.

What our Clients say!


Adam Wappes

“Working with Chris Thompson and the lower deck Phase 1 upgrade went exceptionally smooth. He was incredibly responsive and made recommendations to not only save us money, but also shortened the turnaround time from 12-14 weeks to 3 weeks. His installation crew was excellent and they were able to install 122 fixtures in about 2 days, all while providing superb service. I will definitely use Cam-Air for future upgrades at Edgewood and other locations”


Josh Long

“We have really enjoyed the HVLS fans Cam-Air integrated over our breadline production area of the warehouse. This is a high area and during hot summer days, The fans make a big difference”


Brian Smith

“I just wanted to take a minute to say thanks to you and your team for everything…everyone has been impressed with your approach, expertise and various solutions you have presented. The exterior lighting you have been providing us the past two (2) years is perfect for our facilities”


Matt Curtis

“I am impressed by the amount of light that reaches to the floor. With each fixture nearly 40 ft high there is no loss of lumens to the floor. These fixtures are easy to wire and hang and they have the plug on back for quick disconnect for future replacements or repairs. The motion sensor works well from 35 ft high.”


Bill Tunnell

“We choose Cam-Air because they provided the most innovative and cost effective lighting solution. This is our 50 year anniversary and we wanted to increase light levels even though it sacrificed a little bit of energy savings. The battleship is not only the heart and soul of mobile. But also represents the power, courage and grit of out ‘greatest generation’. We could not have asked for a better solution to enhance our 50th anniversary. The lights look great- All the commissioners are excited. Tremendous Work!”


Michael Meador

“Everyone has been extremely impressed with the lighting project. Great Work!”.


Ben Taul

“Cam-Air was a great company to work with. The installation process was extremely quick and we began seeing savings on our energy bill within the first month after the retrofit.”


Paul Gridler

“The Disaster Services Building for the South Alabama Chapter of the American Red Cross in Mobile has just completed the retrofit of our parking lot lights and recessed building lights to LED lighting using the existing fixtures. Chris Thompson from Cam-Air, LLC and the people on his staff as well as the electrical contractor they used were excellent. They worked with us from the original concept of improving lighting to the conversion to LED lighting to reduce costs and provide a more reliable system. They listened to our needs and provided the retrofit that not only will save us money in utility bills and maintenance costs but improved the lighting quality as well. It was a pleasure working with them.”

Our Clients!

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